Bookcase With Drawers – Adding Hardware Or Doing Both?

bookcase with drawers

The two ways you can finish a bookcase with drawers are by adding hardware or by buying a frame. If you think you’re done with it, then why not look at getting the hardware and keeping the existing frame.

Drawers can be added later if the interior design demands so. The style of the bookcase is the first thing to consider. You can choose a basic design or add extra features like an open drawer that you can slide out of or a lockable door that keeps children from messing with your books.

Hardware comes with the hardware. If you think you already have everything you need, then go for hardware without the fancy-looking hardware. You can simply install a few more of the same knobs and buttonholes to give it a fashionable look. A well-loved bookcase with drawers that has been put through years of wear and tear can be improved with a few tweaks on the hardware and then left to get a new look.

Frame the bookcase instead of having hardware installed. If you want to customize your bookcase’s appearance, buy a nice frameless frame and then finish it off with a few knobs and buttonholes to give it a unique look. Then you can use decorative hardware or an old-fashioned lock to make the frame seem more interesting.

The bookcase can also be refinished. It’s a cheap way to get a brand new look for a little money.

Bookcases with drawers with hardware are not hard to build. Before you begin, you should know what tools you will need and what materials are needed.

You can buy a bookcase with drawers with or without the hardware or even one with hardware andno frame. Another advantage is the amount of room you will save up. Since the drawers will not be in contact with each other, you may also be able to use the floor space for a table and chair.

You can also opt for different methods to clean a bookcase with drawers. A lint free cloth can be used to wipe down the shelves after you’ve cleaned them once in a while and then a cloth for the top, sides, and bottom of the drawer as needed.

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