Wood Bed Frame Design Ideas

wood bed frame design

Many people are turned off by the word “wood” when they hear the term for their wood bed frame design. This is understandable, as there is much more to find with wood than meets the eye. While it is true that most furniture makers now use solid woods in their designs, there is still plenty of room for the individual builder to make a statement about his or her own style with this type of wood.

When many people hear “wood,” they think of boring, conventional, gray-colored pieces. They might also think of frames that are square or rectangular in shape, perhaps with no edges. Yet, there is a huge difference between these two and the wood frame can be quite ornate in design and pattern. With a little creative thinking, the individual builder can create a bed frame design that fits well with today’s furniture styles while at the same time providing more style and space than conventional styles.

A wood bed frame design has many advantages over traditional wood that is now relegated to looking like something else. It will not fall apart or warp as easily as frames made of wood are susceptible to doing. For one thing, a larger piece of wood will allow for a more comfortable mattress on the bed because the frame itself will be a little smaller. Instead of the mattress fitting in the way that the larger frame does, it will be much more adaptable.

Just as there are advantages to using different types of wood, so is there also an advantage to using different types of joints in the entire bed frame design. A bed frame design that uses a flush, straight, and straight joints allows for more options in design. The bed frame can actually be designed so that one end can be made from one type of wood and the other end can be made from another type of wood. Many people will choose to make both ends be a different type of wood if their needs are such that it is easier to do so.

Another part of the overall design can be the headboard and footboard of the bed. People often choose to design the headboard to be built from one type of wood, such as a red oak or red cedar, and the footboard to be a different type of wood, such as cedar. These two pieces provide for more durability in the bed frame design. Some people choose to add a few decorative accents, such as cupolas, railings, or floral accents, throughout the design so that they can change the look of the overall design as needed.

The pattern and style of the bed can also be a deciding factor in how the design looks. If one wants to have one or two different pieces, such as a footboard and headboard, he or she can choose to create an overall design that fits into a specific type of wood. Similarly, if a person wants to have only one type of wood in the entire design, such as a square wood frame, the individual builder can have this in a piece that is crafted from one type of wood and another that is crafted from another type of wood.

The bed frame design should not be confused with a bunk bed. In a bunk bed, a number of wooden beds are placed in a row for the bedroom to sleep on. The bunk bed is made out of one solid piece of wood, which provides a little more stability and can provide additional storage space. There is little difference between a bed frame design and a bunk bed design.

It is possible to build one from various sizes for the bedroom. An individual can build a small bed frame for a child or a single bed frame for a single person. A larger bed frame can accommodate more than one person and a bed frame designed for a bedroom can be used for another room in the house, such as a breakfast nook.

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