What Wall Color Looks Good With Cherry Wood?

This combination is excellent when used in a kitchen where all the cabinets are cherry red or a dining room where all the furniture is cherry red. On the other hand, beige pairs well with other items you may bring in into the room and allows you to combine the cherry red furniture with other accessories. Shop our solid hardwood bedroom sets and take your time to customize your selection online. Pick your bed first, then select from 3 different nightstands and several choices for large or small chests and dressers. We will build everything to order so if you don’t find the combination of exactly what you want, give us a call.

Quaker interior design often features bright, airy neutrals and wooden design elements. We’ve already shown you light color curtains in a living room with cherry wood furniture, but how about a cozy bedroom with rich, deep cherry wood furniture? In this instance, floral curtains with a white base will work best. The floral patterns will soften the look of dark cherry wood without distracting the attention from the furniture.

Eastern Blue Triadic

Fern is one of those colors that performs best when it’s mixed in with others. With the hex value #6B6A21, it falls right in between several other earthen tones. However, if there is a male occupant in your bedroom, pastel colors may be an awkward choice. Cherry wood furniture can truly make your bedroom look more natural and earthy.

  • Firstly, always try to tie every element in your bedroom’s ambiance.
  • Light wall colors — creamy ivory, almost white, barely yellow, light caramel — provide an ideal backdrop against medium-tone cherry bedroom furniture.
  • Almost all shades of gray can blend perfectly with any cherry wood furniture, include the typical gray paint.
  • Remember, everything doesn’t have to match perfectly to look great together.
  • Meanwhile, make sure the complementary colors aren’t too dark, or it will change the aesthetic.

With so many types of house styles, narrowing the list down to your favorite can be overwhelming. Here’s how to tell the differences between each architectural style. The good news is that you don’t have to start from scratch!

Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

You must first decide whether you want to harmonize or contrast with your cherry wood furniture in order to best compliment it. Warm colors, such as beige, gold, and pale red, combine well with cherry. Choose a cool hue like green or blue to contrast with the cherry. Warm hues will highlight the cherry’s red undertones, while cold colors will make it shine and stand out. Use the same criteria to select flooring, whether it’s made of wood or another material. Simply put, a warm hue is one that makes you think of fire.

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Instead of contrasting it, dark accent colors allow the cherry wood to blend in. Gray is not that dark or bright so it is a great pick for contrasting and coordinating the color of your cherry wood furniture. The last paint color that goes with cherry wood cabinets is sage.

Whether your favorite color is blue, pink, green, orange, red, yellow, purple, violet or a combination of 2 or more colors– you will find a bedroom to inspire you. Shop Vermont’s largest selection of styles including Shaker, mission, craftsman, modern, contemporary, bow front, arts & crafts, traditional and mid-century modern . These luxurious, high-end furniture sets are hand made to order in Vermont and delivered free to your home with our premium white glove service.

Refer to our guide to help you choose the best colors for wood tones and create a palette that showcases wood’s natural good looks. All sorts of light pastel shades go well with cherry wood because these colors make the darker rich tones in cherry wood stand out by creating a subtle contrast. Baby blue, lavender, pale yellow, pastel green and pastel pink all work in a room with a cherry wood bed and dressers.

what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture

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They are superior in terms of making the cherry wood appear more natural and eye-relaxing. The contrast of light accent colors and cherry wood’s colors can appear more noticeable as the cherry wood becomes elegantly dark over time. If your current home interior using some green wall paint and prefer to use a similar color scheme then you can go with pale green. Pale green is one of the best green shades that work perfectly with cherry cabinets. Therefore, the color you choose for the wall should blend with it and make it visible. This article suggests some colors you can use on the walls when you have cherry wood trim.