What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Furniture?

Using cherry wood in a Transitional bedroom style can help make balance out the starker Modern elements of the room. This makes it an excellent option for rooms with cherry furniture. Mint or light green makes the cherry pop and distinguishes it from the rest of the room. In this kitchen, your eye is immediately drawn to the cherry flooring and cabinets, thanks to the green walls and accessories.

“Gray will move into an accent position, and no longer be a main color,” one said. Designers also say there will be more of a focus on more playful decorating, when it comes to both colors and textures. Typically, the shade of the cherry wood is dim; the perfect way to emphasize that is by contrasting it with a softer backdrop. Inside of a workplace, a lot of shades are good for cherry wood. The choice of the furniture depends on if you are looking for a bold, or one which is a little bit softer and gentler and is the exclusive color of your choice. Light Grey Bedroom Ideas The soft shade of grey behind the bed contrasts against the cream walls wonderfully.

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  • Cheap varnished cherry is an out of style look, but natural cherry tones are showing up more and more in modern bedroom furniture designs.
  • This kind of color combination has been used quite a bit in traditional decorating styles featuring cherry wood.
  • Unstained cherry wood has a light, pink-toned hue before its oxidation process, which turns the light-colored wood into a medium-dark, reddish wood.

A clean and organized space is always the best place to start. If this is the case, you can go with pastel colors with a splash of teal or turquoise to make the bedroom look more masculine. Pastel colors or hues can transform your room to become more inviting. A pyramid bunk bed is a bunk bed design that combines a larger lower bed with a smaller upper bed. Antique wooden headboards do not typically fit with a modern metal frame.

Can You Paint Cherry Wood?

Suppose you are looking for cool colors that will bring a sense of luxury and class into the room, try dark colors. They’ll also bring out the depth of your cherry wood furniture and allow it to make a statement. When eastern blue is the dominating hue, fern frond is a triadic color that works well as an accent color relative to mid and dark tone cherry wood furniture. Unstained cherry wood has a light, pink-toned hue before its oxidation process, which turns the light-colored wood into a medium-dark, reddish wood.

These include other shades of red, either darker or brighter shades, depending on the cherry red you have. It’s proven that cherry red gets darker with time as the wood ages. Therefore, if you are using a bright shade of cherry red, you can choose a darker color to go with it. House Beautiful serves up50+ Colorful Bedrooms That Will Make You Wake Up Happier. Boost your mood into the happy zone by following their advice on using lots of light and color in your bedroom.

Here we share what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture including the best paint and accent color ideas to help you enhance your bedroom style and design. The contrast calls more attention to the furniture, a plus if you have a fine piece you want to focus on. If you have a lot of dark furniture in a light-colored room, however, the space might feel busier than it would if the furniture blended in.

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However, to effectively decorate your bedroom that contains cherry wood furniture, you must choose the most ideal and complementing colors. Fortunately, cherry wood furniture can be combined with various colors and accents. Cherry wood bedroom furniture can enhance the overall appearance and design of your bedroom as it looks very stylish and eye-pleasing. The subtle effect of dark reddish color gets very deep over time because of its natural oxidation procedure. Using white wall paint also can help soften the intense cherry wood colors, while at the same time with it will make those cabinets stand out and look more dominant.

what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture

If you’re investing in a walnut bedroom set, we don’t typically recommend a stain. That’s because walnut is becoming rather rare and it’s priced higher than cherry, maple and oak. No sense paying extra for a rare wood grain if you’re going to cover it up with a stain.

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Cabinetry, tables and chairs, desks, couches, and other significant furniture items are all popular in this color. If you have furnishings that you want to highlight in your home, make sure to use complementary colors. When choosing colors to complement your cherry furniture, consider if you want to contrast or coordinate with it.