What Colors Go Well With Cherry Furniture?

Therefore, consider using brighter colors like soft red if your cherry wood has a dark hue. Cherry red goes well with most colors because of its dark hue. Beige, brown, and accents of red blend well with cherry less to make it less distinct. Bold colors like blue or green create a sharp contrast with the cherry wood and allow it to stand out in the room. Natural oak bedroom sets have a strong grain pattern and a medium color tone.

Tone down the warm, red hues of cherry wood by using complementary colors. Shades such as blue, green, and yellow typically downplay cherry wood nicely. Meanwhile, make sure the complementary colors aren’t too dark, or it will change the aesthetic.

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Cherry wood spells class, sophistication, and excellence in a room. It also lasts for a long time and so can serve you long enough without the need for replacement. Give the bed an ultra-modern look by removing the headboard and footboard. If you’re looking for a clean, modern room, remove any ornamentation, as well.

Finally, you may want a color that neutralizes your main color to have a less distinct piece while also allowing it to remain visible. Your personality and other preferences play a major role in picking out a definite color. Vermont Woods Studios provides hand-crafted wood furniture built from trees grown sustainably in North America. We support Vermont craftspeople, American economies, and preserving wildlife habitat. We believe that where your furniture comes from, and how it’s made are just as important as style, functionality and beauty.

What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Dining Room Furniture?

This doesn’t necessarily mean the furniture fades into the background, however. When you put a dark mahogany chest or ebony table against a deep red or blue-green wall, for instance, you create a dynamic balance between two hues of equal strength. The same principle works with medium brown woods and muted or medium-tone colors; the effect is more restrained because the tones are subdued. To choose wall colors or fabrics that will enhance your wood pieces, consider the dominant hues in the finish to help guide your selections.

what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture

Antique woods, which have a patina that offers depth and complexity, often combine several tones, which means they can look good against a variety of light or dark colors. Neutral shades, which include grays, browns, greens and golden yellows, work well with most colors, and create a warm, subtle backdrop for dark cherry woods. If you want less drama, use warmer neutrals, such as a deep, golden yellow or a light honey or butter shade. Since cherry wood is an intense color, you can pair it with dark wall colors like hunter green or royal blue in order to harmonize the furniture color with the walls.

Some colors can be overwhelming, and so you must choose them wisely. This article highlights some of the colors you can use on your wall when you have cherry wood furniture in the room. With a timeless wooden bedroom set as the backdrop, it’s easy to invigorate your decor whenever you like. Add some fresh flowers to your night table, use a colorful vase, change you sheets and voila! Let the classic beauty and enduring quality of your furniture carry the overall design while these simple tips add just the right touch of vibrancy to your sanctuary. Change it up each season or each week, but most importantly– whenever you need a lift.

You should also consider whether you prefer the drama of a high-contrast color scheme or the richness of low-contrast pairings. And don’t worry about all the wood pieces in a room matching; the gathered-over-time look of mixed woods is perfect for spaces with a casual, comforting vibe. Wood floors with slightly green tones make a bold complement to the reds in cherry, when matched correctly in tone. In kitchens and formal dining rooms, silk valances allow maximum light to enter the room. A muted shade of green will pair beautifully with dark cherry wood furniture. This color will add enough contrast to a luxury interior while allowing the dark color of the furniture to shine though.

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Many of these cheaper furniture sets do look out of style, but real cherry wood can give a room a rich and lustrous look. See how elegant this kitchen looks with its dark cherry wood cabinets and furniture paired with silk-lined valances. Popular floor colors that contrast with cherry furniture include off-white, grey, or blue.

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  • This color will add enough contrast to a luxury interior while allowing the dark color of the furniture to shine though.
  • However, if you feel that it works for you, you can use it on your wall.
  • That means you have to choose your paint colors based on the natural tone of the wood finish.

By picking out lighter colors for the rest of the room, you can still have the positive parts of the cherry furniture while still having a bright room. Your paint color is essential, and it has to accentuate both the cherry wood and your decorative items. And while the cherry wood finish may be somewhat outdated, you can still make it look great with the right paint hues. Earth accent colors are never an incorrect option for your cherry wood furniture.