What Color Paint Goes With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

The color wheel gives you an idea of how colors would appear when matched together. Commonly, if you match opposite colors, you get a powerful combination that allows both colors to stand out without diminishing each other. Check the “Option Details” tab on any product page to see which stains are available for your bedroom set. A number of colors do go well with cherry floors, however, creating either large or small amounts of contrast, depending on your preference.

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Also, recognize that the finish of a wood can affect its color and appearance. The stain, gloss, and finish of the wood are important factors in how well it complements the cherry furniture. Cherry wood is beautiful, but it doesn’t look good with everything. It has too much depth for specific colors and not enough for others.

Can You Mix Cherry Wood With Other Wood Furniture?

Hang up pictures with cherry wood frames on the white walls and adorn your bed with lighter-colored bedding to create contrast. Another contrasting color to go with your cherry wood trim is blue. Similarly, you may need to use the darker tones [of blue for an excellent finish. A common choice for most people is gray-blue, which is somewhat neutral because it brings out a neutral yet colorful finish on the walls to go with a cherry wood finish. Since neutral colors are popular in this setting, ensure that you choose dark undertones that blend with the dark undertones of cherry red.

The wood of this tree is known for its durability and unique beauty. Classified as hardwood, cherry wood is widely used for both interior design and furnishing needs. And since cherry wood is a hardwood, it is heavy in weight, which is the primary reason why it is so durable. A color wheel is a device that demonstrates which colors complement each other. The easiest way to use a color wheel is to contrast colors that are directly opposite from each other.

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Cherry wood is intense and does well when matched against dark and bold colors. Such colors include deep blue, mustard yellow, hunter green, and wine red. These colors are less showy and create a low contrast atmosphere where the wood blends with other colors instead of standing out distinctly. Cherry wood furniture has a deep undertone that spells sophistication and vibrancy without adding in too much effort. It’s a great choice for the office, your living room, or the bedroom.

Image Result For How To Decorate With Cherry Wood Living Room Furniture Master Bedrooms Decor Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture Bedroom Makeover. Colors such as light blue, light green, light brown, or grey undertones will create high contrast that will make the cherry wood bedroom furniture stand out. Other light colors that contrast well with cherry furniture include light caramel, creamy ivory, and light yellow colors.

Plus, this fun combo can create a nautical aesthetic with just a few simple accents. To get more ideas like this, visit our guide to the best bedroom paint colors. These colors will appear even brighter when the cherry wood turns darker as it ages. This grayish side of yellow can create a vibrant and warm ambiance while at the same time enhance the looks of your cabinets. Using this color also will make the cabinet looks flawless with the wall. These colors had a perfect balance of brightness, softness, and calmness at the same time will blend perfectly with any cherry wood elements.

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You don’t want to have too bright colors on your wall and make the cherry wood color go unnoticed. A stark difference in the colors and wood tones in a room can make your wood furnishings or floors look even more distinct. In the same way, light wood shows up boldly against dark or strong color on the walls. Bohemian is an eclectic design style that draws elements from many different other kinds of styles. When used in the bedroom, this interior design style often features rich, warm colors paired with neutrals.

  • It also lasts for a long time and so can serve you long enough without the need for replacement.
  • Paint on a cabinet is given a bonding primer to stick to the surface of the cabinet.
  • This refreshing yet subtle earthy hue will give a modern touch to the traditional wood furnishing.

You can also use the colors in the furniture finish as a cue for wall colors. If the dominant color in the wood appears to be red, for example, then a green background will enhance and intensify the wood’s hue. Golden-yellow woods look handsome against warm red as well as earthy greens, teal, or eggplant. Brown woods with yellow undertones relate to buttery walls yet stand out boldly for high-contrast drama.

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