What Color Goes Best With Cherry Wood?

Choosing the right color paint for a bedroom with cherry wood furniture can be a tough decision. You may need to bring home a few paint samples to compare. Put the samples next to your furniture in natural and interior lighting to get the best view. The best paint colors to compliment cherry wood are neutral and earthy.

what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture

Remember, everything doesn’t have to match perfectly to look great together. Firstly, always try to tie every element in your bedroom’s ambiance. There should be no waste nor unwanted items because clutter can create chaos in your mind.

Does Taupe Go With Cherry Wood?

Because the couch sits against the ceiling joist, the colors confronting or washing each other can’t be seen. Your wood highlights are seen with the correct hue of the color behind it. Choose richer shades like browns, greens, and blues for highlight and as complimentary colors. To provide a good visual effect, use gentle bed covers of colored grey, silver, or beige.

Consider the inevitable color change when you’re decorating a bedroom with medium-tone cherry furniture. Other factors that can influence new bedroom decor include your home’s existing decorating style, as well as your bedroom needs and personal preferences. Establish a decorating budget to set spending parameters for your bedroom makeover. Light wall colors — creamy ivory, almost white, barely yellow, light caramel — provide an ideal backdrop against medium-tone cherry bedroom furniture. When decorating with cherry wood furniture, neutral earth tones like light tan, taupe, or antique white will give a clean, bright backdrop.

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When picking out colors to go with your cherry furniture, first decide if you want to contrast or coordinate with the cherry. If you want to coordinate with it, use warm colors like beige, brown, or soft red. If you want to contrast it, use cool colors such as green or blue. Using warm colors will harmonize with the cherry and help it blend in while cool colors will make the cherry color pop.

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So, it needs to stand out against darker hues and stand back against intense colors. You must mix royal blue, hunter green, and mustard yellow with caution. The hex value for this one is #6A4016, and that’s easy to forget. But the impression that this color leaves when it’s mixed with cherry wood is unforgettable. It creates a rustic aesthetic that looks great with light neutrals, rugged textures, and soft accents. These intense accent colors can produce excellent coordination with cherry wood.

The Best Color For A Laminate Countertop With Cherry Cabinets

Combined with the light countertops and table, the room looks inviting. In terms of color, “warm” or “cool” doesn’t mean temperature. Warm colors tend to make you think of happiness or coziness while cool colors are calming and soothing. Decorating your home is important, but we understand that it can be overwhelming.

If you’re going shopping for a new bedroom set, you might hit a snag, as most bedroom sets only come with a single nightstand. This leaves you in a predicament — shell out money for another… If you want to coordinate, aim for beige or brown flooring. Pay attention to whether or not the carpet or tile has speckling in it. This will ensure that the flooring will look good with your furniture. The designer of this kitchen used black granite to contrast with the beige on the back splash and above the cabinets.

However, wood furniture with different hues can prove difficult to pair with other colors in the room. Contrasting colors come in handy to make your cherry wood furniture stand out and become more visible in the room. Not all furniture deserves to be showcased, so choose this option only when you have a masterpiece and would like to show it off. Also, the wall acts as a backdrop for the cherry wood furniture. So it will determine how bold the color will show or whether it will diminish it.

  • Colors that coordinate with cherry are generally warm, including beige, gold, and light red.
  • Creating contrast is also a great way to mix different wood tones.
  • We’ll describe why each of the colors listed above work in order to help you make an informed decision.

Is one of the most recommended white paint colors in the market that you can blend with your cherry wood furniture. This color may be a bit more unpopular choice compared with other colors on our list. But as you can see from our experiment above, olive wall paint can create beautiful effects and looks when combined with the cherry cabinets. Almost all shades of gray can blend perfectly with any cherry wood furniture, include the typical gray paint. What is best wall colors that go with cherry wood cabinets?