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If that’s something you’d be interested in, you can also purchase lifetime eBid membership for $50, reducing your long-term selling fees – and you even get a free t-shirt! Chairish will either take 20% commission for sales up to $2,500 or a 3-12% commission for items worth more. In other words, the more you sell, the lower the commission. Route 66 Furniture is convenient since you don’t have to worry about selling the items yourself – but you are giving up half of the profit by selling as consignment furniture. To become a seller, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee.

Historic Hamptons House Being Sold for the First Time – DIRT

Historic Hamptons House Being Sold for the First Time.

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You can start by sending pictures and details to Wertz Brothers. It is even possible to sell a complete house of furniture. Then, you have the option to pick the items up. Or you can pay to have them shipped back to you. If your items don’t sell within 30 days, Route 66 can drop the price.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to start a profitable side-hustle, check out my post on the best side hustles. Last but not least, Oodle is a classified site which allows buyers to see listings near their current location. With Facebook Marketplace, potential buyers in your area will be shown your items when they browse the platform.

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Any of these options makes more money than throwing it out on the curb. The social media platform makes the selling process more secure. Unlike Craigslist, where you can’t see the buyer’s photo until the meetup. Like eBay, you can list furniture at auction or a fixed price.

  • If you would prefer to get the most money possible and don’t mind the idea of doing more of the work yourself, then you might want to choose a different service.
  • In one business day, Route 66 will follow-up with you.
  • Pinterest is especially great for furniture makeovers because, on this platform, it’s all about the visuals.

This is perfect for a small business with a lot of office furniture to sell. Remoov is a site that makes getting rid of your items simple and easy. To get paid for your furniture, you have two options. You can either send in photos of your items to the company, or you can schedule an at-home appointment. If it’s just run-of-the-mill furniture, selling it yourself on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist makes more sense because you don’t have to haul it away. In fact, just the other night I helped a friend pick up a beautiful used bedroom set for his daughter.

If you have a worthy piece, you should get it appraised by a professional, or be prepared to do a lot of online research into similar pieces. Including the original 20% discount for it being secondhand, that’s a total of 50% off, giving a selling price of $250. That should give you a good indication, enabling you to know exactly how much to sell your second-hand piece of furniture. The basic guideline for the used furniture industry is to price it at 70% to 80% of the original selling price. Of course, if you have antique or vintage furniture there will probably always be a market, though even then you still want to present the furniture in the best condition possible.

How The Industry Evaluates Used Furniture

But if you’re selling 10 or more items you can reduce their take to 20%. In most cases, the buyer picks up the item from you. Bear in mind – just like with many other online platforms for selling used furniture, having good quality photos of your items is a must.

Swap Shop Items WKYK – WKYK

Swap Shop Items WKYK.

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Buyers see the listings nearest their current location. When the item sells, you earn 50% of the proceeds. In one business day, Route 66 will follow-up with you.

In case you may be asking yourself why use it? It has a feature that lets you know the number of interested buyers for your preferred item just so you either make a better offer or don’t get your hopes up. Beyond the cost savings that come with buying used furniture, you are supporting environmental sustainability.

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So this site can be a good option if you live near one. For high-value items, paying to boost a pin can be worth the cost. Don’t forget about social media outlet Pinterest. This a good way to use social media to publicize your brand for free. However, this could be a good way to sell antiques or like-new furniture.