Designer Bedding – Mixing Modern and Antique Styles

Designer Bedding - Mixing Modern and Antique Styles

If you have different decor, you might not think about all the options forĀ designer bedding, but it is possible to do so. A slightly changed up to look is all that is needed to make it work.

Designer bedding is wonderful for any room. You might want a more rustic or simple look with off white colors or black and white combinations. When you use these modern colors, you can achieve the same effect, and the bedding will still be modern without looking odd.

Using dark colors is a great idea because they are easy to dress up when you want. For instance, if you like the feel of a bed with a king-size sheet, you can put that on in a contrasting color. Use a coordinating duvet cover as well. Many times this will match a different color in the room so that it looks right on top of everything else.

You need to think about how you plan to sleep at night. If you like the feel of a queen bed, you will need bedding that has the same material. You might need to go down to twin sizes for rooms that are smaller, but that will depend on what your needs are and where you are sleeping.

This fun type of bedding is also great for kids. Kids will love the lively colors and cartoon characters that seem to pop up all over the place. You can also find bedding to match other accessories, such as wall lamps, pictures, and toys.

Bedroom sets are usually in neutral colors like brown, beige, and even white. It is not necessary to go all out, but if you are decorating for something that has a bit of an older look to it, you can add a bit of sparkle. That will look great.

Many furniture stores have set upsets that are easy to move from room to room. Sometimes there are extras that you can get that will make it easier. You can move them from one room to another to achieve the look you are after.

Vintage bedding is a great idea for those who want a more “lived in” look to their bedroom. You can also find many antique patterns and styles that are not readily available. You can enjoy the softer look that comes with that kind of look without having to spend a lot of money.

Giving the illusion of space with a color scheme is a great way to create a room that is welcoming and cozy. It might take a little creativity to find those types of colors, but it is possible. Consider having matching pillows, a matching chair, and a matching lamp.

Allowing different colors to coexist is also a great way to use the right bedding for the room. For instance, if you have a window that looks out onto the garden, use bedding that is warm and lovely for that room. You can put the bedding in a room that has a country feel. In fact, that is exactly what is happening for many homes.

The best way to find designer bedding that matches all of the other items in a room is to lay them all out and see what will look good with the colors of the bed. Also, you might want to plan a night out for you and your spouse and go shopping together to pick out the bedding. It is easier to coordinate for two people to sleep in a bed with matching sheets and pillows than it is to figure out how to make a child’s bedroom look inviting.

It is all about taking time to think about how designer bedding is used in a bedroom and how it can bring that unique feel to a home. The result is beautiful furnishings that are tailored to fit the current home design style and will be loved by both the new homeowners and the longtime residents.

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