19+ What Colors Go With Cherry Wood Furniture

If all else fails, hire a professional decorator to determine the best color choices. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here because it’s your house. Cherry wood is one of the more expensive materials for cabinets and furniture. That’s because it’s tough and durable, making it difficult to manipulate. And since you can finish it in several ways, the most common reddish finish isn’t your only option. In many cases, cherry furniture can make your room look outdated.

Sheer curtains are soft and semi-transparent that bring a warm glow to any room. Off-white sheer curtains make the room feel airy and allow natural light to enter. In this inviting living room, the cherry wood tables look stunning next to creamy sofas and off-white sheer curtains. The interior design of this room looks incredibly regal thanks to the combination of creamy white and cherry wood.

What Color Looks Best With Cherry Cabinets?

If you need to create some harmony between the cherry wood furniture and the wall paint behind it, then taupe is one of the best colors for this job. This paint color also can enhance the natural wood texture and colors from the cherry cabinets. A number of paint colors can be used in a room featuring cherry wood furniture. The dark wood looks good against a backdrop of both traditional as well as trendy color schemes. Blue has a special calming effect on any room despite the accompanying colors. Lighter blue colors carry an aura of natural freshness that anyone would want in their room.

  • Contrasting colors come in handy to make your cherry wood furniture stand out and become more visible in the room.
  • But if you have cherry wood furniture, that can be a problem.
  • Create a focal point by painting an accent wall in sage green.
  • Cherry wood is one of the most popular hardwood materials for furniture.

Light brown, light green, light blue, or light gray can truly make your cherry wood bedroom furniture eye-catching. Other dark colors such as plum, forest green, burgundy and chocolate can go well with cherry wood. However, don’t paint all the walls with a dark color because this is too dramatic. Instead feature one dark plum or forest green accent wall in the room and place your bed and nightstands up against this wall. Leave all the other walls white and decorate with decor that matches with the cherry wood and dark green walls.

What Color Floor Looks Best With Cherry Cabinets?

These paint colors call attention to the wood, and are ideal for highlighting a fine furniture piece. A tint of light green, light blue or dusty yellow with brown or gray undertones will create high contrast in the design. Layered window treatments add function, style and texture to a bedroom. Install window shades that are woven from natural grasses, wood or reeds with a hint of red to enhance your cherry furniture with an earthy texture. Hang curtains in front of the woven shades to create a layered, stylish appearance. Darker color cherry wood looks great when contrasted with lighter tones.

The color of the cherry wood itself might look dim and dull by itself. So it is also advisable to pair it with a much more joyful color such as lemongrass. This ultra matte latex chalk paint works well on wood surfaces.

One of the newer trends in the last several years has been gray paint on the wall. Cherry wood stands out when displayed against colors like gray, deep blues and lime green and typically these colors have been used with cherry wood furniture in the past. The obvious choice for most people when choosing from this category is white.

what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture

Try using filters to see which bedroom sets are finished with oil versus lacquer. Many of our cherry furniture lovers are in love with the oil finish as it penetrates the wood and develops a deep, rich color that cannot be obtained with other finishes. Oil really brings out the depth of color and beauty of the grain that natural hardwoods are famous for. Over time, an oil finish will develop a rich, lustrous patina that’s beautiful to look at and super-smooth to touch.

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Well-cured cherry can be as strong as maple and easier to work with than oak. This means you can use lotus as a subtle accent hue in your bedroom to soften the impact of your cherry wood furnishings. Alibaba.com offers 2,010 cherry bedroom furniture products.